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Vygotsky’s great lesson

When we think about changing and achieving new results, we necessarily have to look at how people learn. Each change, especially if we want it to be sustained, is based on one (or more) learning. In that change, Vygotsky was a very relevant person until today, coining the term “Zone of Proximate Development”, a fundamental principle that we must keep in mind when we think about learning new things, changing and becoming that version that we long for in our own lives. inside. In this new episode of my podcast, I share with you the lesson that this important psychologist leaves us who had a strong impact on the way we understand human development, and where we have the possibility to make the decision about where to be, in order to impact those who we are. we will convert.

Are you in the right environment to be who you want to be? Do you have the relationships with the right people to learn and keep growing in the direction you want? Well, here I share some reflections that can help you make new decisions along these lines.


Valencia, España


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