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The Colombian government will promote 500,000 new places for Higher Education within four years

The proposal for regionalization of Higher Education is not only framed in the Development Plan of the Rector of the University of Caldas, Fabio Hernando Arias Orozco, but is also aligned with the vision of the National Government to strengthen access to public higher education, a topic that was central to last Thursday’s meeting of the State University System, where the 34 Rectors of the country’s public universities participated in the presence of the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro and the Minister of National Education, Alejandro Gaviria.

One of the strategies proposed by the Government for the expansion of coverage is the regionalization of the university system, with branches in the territories, for which it announced 500,000 new places in the country. The Rector of the Universidad de Caldas, Fabio Arias Orozco expressed that, taking into account the progress of the University in the regions with the double degree in rural areas, now the bet aligned to the proposal of the National Government will be to expand the articulation of the academic offer to schools in urban areas, The aim is to accompany the young people with their complete higher education cycle in one of the four sites that will be promoted, such as Manizales, La Dorada, Riosucio or Anserma, a bet that will help in the implementation of the new quotas presented by the Minister of Education.

After the productive meeting, it was agreed to continue working together with the Government and thus advance in the reforms and expand coverage to reach the goal of 500 thousand new quotas to be implemented at 30 thousand quotas per semester, that is, 60 thousand per year.


Valencia, España


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