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Learn the keys to creating your own personal brand and stand out in the job market

Isaías Sharon, organizational psychologist, master in organizational development, strategic people management and master coach, taught in a series of talks at UNAB what Personal Brand is, how to develop it and gave 5 keys to create it and take advantage of the professional career.


Increasing the value of our professional career is usually a challenge that goes beyond professional skills and abilities. Today, the job market pays special attention to the candidate’s soft skills and personality. This was explained by the master psychologist in organizational development and strategic people management, Isaías Sharon, who gave the talk: “The 5 Keys to your Personal Brand”, an event organized by the General Directorate of Graduates, Employability and Networks (DEER) of the U. Andres Bello.


During the activity, the expert commented that the Personal Brand is “the way to project our name with those attributes that make us unique and of value in the professional area where we want to develop. That is its importance, it is a way of differentiating ourselves and showing more value in the professional world”.


During the talk, the PhD in education, new technologies and master coach, expressed that there are many ways to build our Personal Brand or Personal Branding, however, “the first thing is to know ourselves more and better to know what really makes us unique and different.


Then, based on those unique qualities, it is time to think about what problem we can solve in a unique and different way, and from there we can contribute, communicate and position ourselves”.


Personal brand in 5 steps:

  1. You must know yourself in depth to know what makes you unique and different.
  2. You must discover a niche and problem that you can help solve.
  3. Create a content strategy that is of value and that connects with the need and the niche you are targeting.
  4. Before we ask, we must give. Open channels in which you can be the one to take the first step and help without asking for things for yourself. Sow first and then reap.
  5. Measure your results, you must always be open to feedback to calibrate your positioning and differentiation strategy, this will help you grow, correct and improve.

Finally, implementing this strategy professionally and helps to stand out, since “it helps us create a distinction in the labor market and our professional development. There may be thousands of people with the same title as us, but Personal Branding allows us to be unique, to communicate our particular knowledge and skills to stand out in a certain niche”, said Sharon.


Valencia, España


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