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Last program of Conversa con Sentido

On this occasion I would like to share something that is really meaningful to me. More than a year ago I was talking with my dear friend Gustavo Cariaga in my office. We often got together to talk about projects, life and trying to “fix the world”. One day, during one of those conversations, we really enjoyed the reflections and the way we shared ideas that made sense to us and broadened our horizons, and someone said (I don’t remember who), that we should have these conversations more often and with more people.
So we decided to take these conversations to a radio program. The place chosen was UCV Radio, and every Monday at 7 p.m. we would get together to reflect, laugh, share views, anecdotes and invite others to have a meaningful conversation that would awaken curiosity and the desire for a more purposeful life. This is how this radio program was born.
As it is known Gustavo passed away during this year 2019 and things were not the same, firstly because a very dear friend, an accomplice and support, with whom we had many projects in the pipeline. Secondly, arriving every Monday to do the radio program was not the same.
This cycle closed this September 30, 2019. A year after starting this adventure. Grateful for everything that was done, what was shared and also for what is to come.
Here I share with you this last chapter that I hope you enjoy, where I talk about “the closing of cycles”.

Valencia, España


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