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HPI International transforms higher education with artificial intelligence technology and predictive psychology to drive academic success

HPI International’s cutting-edge technology is changing the way higher education institutions approach the academic success of their students. With its unique combination of artificial intelligence and predictive psychology, HPI is transforming higher education and helping institutions provide personalized and effective support to drive the academic success of their students.

Technology is rapidly transforming the world around us, and the field of higher education is no exception. Higher education institutions need to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide their students with the tools and support they need to succeed in their academic and professional careers. This is where HPI International has developed cutting-edge technology that combines artificial intelligence and predictive psychology to help higher education institutions achieve student success in an innovative, high-impact and high-quality way.

The technology developed by HPI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of student data, such as their academic history, study behavior and performance patterns, to predict students’ academic success or failure. In addition, information such as students’ psychological factors, motivation, confidence and engagement can be obtained, helping institutions to better understand their students and provide personalized support.

HPI International’s technology is not only innovative, but also highly effective. Results show that institutions that have used HPI’s technology have significantly improved student retention, academic performance and graduation rates. This is because it provides institutions with detailed insight into their students and allows them to take preventative measures to help students overcome obstacles before it is too late.

HPI has two types of solutions to help higher education institutions attract more students and improve their educational success, one of them is HPI Students Success, which is specifically designed to help improve academic performance, ensure graduation profiles and accompany students throughout their educational cycle, achieving student success. And another of the solutions developed by HPI is HPI Attracting Success, which helps attract more students to its programs, at all levels and modalities, providing high-value information generated by artificial intelligence and predictive psychology.

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