What do we do with our emotions?

Emotions are such an important element in our lives. Everything we do carries in us an emotion. Regardless of whether we experience it as something “positive” or “negative”, the truth is that each emotion gives us valuable information to know ourselves, to recognize our internal states and from there to move towards what we really want. However, many times we do not know how to recognize these emotions that arise within us or we ignore the data they give us, blindly basing ourselves on reason and often moving in the wrong direction or affecting our well-being and balance in life.

One of the fundamental things on the road to developing our emotional intelligence is learning to use both our emotions and our rational capacity to make better decisions, effectively modulate our behaviors and find new ways to achieve our goals, obtaining balance in what we do, what we obtain and the internal satisfaction that we manage to experience. Therefore, every time our life is not in balance we have an indicator to realize that we are not being really smart with our emotions.
That process is not as simple as one would like, in fact we have been widely trained to use our rational thinking, but it has not been the same to work our emotions, on the contrary, usually in our culture emotions have been seen as something that hinders us to move forward, or that we must repress. Not knowing how to use emotion as a source of energy towards action and channel it properly, is something that makes us less happy in life, so it becomes crucial to learn more about this.
So, what do we do with our emotions, it would be important that each of us can take a minute to answer this question. Are you using your emotions to make decisions, to find your purpose, or are you avoiding and suppressing them within yourself. What you are doing with it will be fundamental in your effectiveness, in the quality of relationships you build with other people, in the wellbeing you experience and in the quality of life, therefore it is fundamental that we can learn to know, accept and use our emotions, since they are vital for our personal growth process, and also to achieve in a coherent and sustained way the goals we have in life.
What do you feel today? What will you do with it?

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