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The value of work teams

Teamwork is something that has been discussed and trained for a long time within organizations. 

We know that teams are vital to achieve better results and that goals can be met in a sustained manner. However, we are still looking for new ways to address the gigantic challenge of building teams and making them work well, or better yet, achieve high performance. 

So, it should be noted that, although we know the value of work teams for organizations, what we still do not know clearly is how to get a group of people to become a team that works well on a sustained basis. 

There are those who believe that the focus is on talent, their ability to attract and retain this outstanding quality that some people seem to have.

Although these approaches are not opposed, individual talent and teams, the truth is that when we want to build great projects or make our ideas reach further and have a better impact, doing it alone will be the riskiest way for us to conquer that great dream. 

Thus, we come again and again to the enormous value of work teams as an engine of change, achievement and realization of those ideas that inspire some but without the daily work of many, they remain simply beautiful unfinished dreams. 

Teams need to share some things for us to consider them as such, such as having common goals, moving by common minimum values and aligning in those processes that allow us to work with each other. Building these basic elements is the responsibility of the organization and its leadership so that we can work on the generosity of being able to think about the particular contribution in the collective logic. 

This generous culture of working in a “we” and moving away from “my own agenda”, is something that, unlike what many may think, makes a difference in the individual career plan. How?…just like that, being able to be openly available to contribute to the collective will provide better individual effects than when we only focus on our own interests.

The value of teams starts with the individual value that each one of us can build within ourselves and share in the meeting spaces with other people. 

How will you contribute from the individual to the construction of new or better teams? Each one of us has that answer at hand and it depends on us taking the step of thinking beyond our own chair. 

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