The value of freedom

One of the attributes that we human beings have, perhaps one of the few that we have constantly in our lives, is the freedom to choose our decisions and actions. It is true that many times we convince ourselves that we “cannot” choose something different from what we do, but truth be told, we can always choose, although we are not always willing to pay the price of using our freedom.

Given the above, i.e., the perceived cost of exercising our autonomy, many people prefer to live blaming other people or circumstances for all those results, mainly those they consider unfavorable, thus avoiding personal responsibility. It is true that living with less responsibility over ourselves and the environment that surrounds us, can give us the feeling of “traveling with less weight” through life, however, this also generates the idea of helplessness, being at the disposal of circumstances, the wishes of others or simple luck.

If you really want to advance in your personal growth process, evolve in your results and begin to consciously build the life you really want, maybe it is time to consider “paying the price” that has the freedom to do what makes you feel and reach your inner goals, and that price is the responsibility of our choices, no matter if you consider them big or small, but each one of them, from the most everyday things like what you eat, the way you live, your social habits, your productive focus, economic income, personal hygiene, and any other area of life that comes to mind. On any level you are free to choose what you do and what you don’t, to revisit those beliefs that make you feel imprisoned by agreements made in the past or by having to comply with other people’s expectations.

Today I want to invite you, as I did in the ACTIVA MENTE live (see here), to take a break and review where your commitments are placed and take charge of your decisions, actions and their externalities. We have the right to change our minds, to take our capabilities and use them with a different focus and for a new horizon, we have the autonomy to choose where, when, what and with whom to live our days, and of all these decisions we are autonomous. We do not have the right to harm or decide for others, but we do have the right to choose the course of our life.
If you choose to use your capacity for autonomy, then remember to pay the “price” of responsibility, because every action has impacts and we are responsible for them, just as we are responsible for making our existence something that we can say was worth living.

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