The power of trust

The power of trust is enormous and many times we forget it, especially in countries where mistrust abounds and has become naturalized as a given and unchangeable reality.

Trust is that psycho-emotional act that leads us to wait for something to happen without necessarily having proof or guarantees. That is to say, it is, to a large extent, an act of faith since it is betting on something in the future that we cannot really be sure of.

When trust is lost, this leads us to take shelter because we begin to live in an environment that seems inhospitable and dangerous. When I feel that the neighbor, the government, the companies, my work and any stranger has something they hide, a hidden and dangerous desire that at any moment could threaten me or my interests, then social trust vanishes.

What is the problem with this? very simple, that then we live on the defensive, afraid of sharing, of believing in other people or institutions, we begin to make decisions that focus on protection rather than creation and we begin to put our focus and energy on caring for the square meter of a world full of imminent dangers, instead of putting our energy, time and passion to create projects that fill us with satisfaction and make our life better.

The magic of trust is to be able to lower the barriers of fear to open ourselves to the opportunity of love, and although this may seem “corny”, the truth is that when we love ourselves things improve, when we love our work we are more creative and productive, when we love those around us we have a better quality of life, fewer physical and mental illnesses and a network that supports us in the good and bad moments of life.

Learning to trust and build environments in which we can believe that trust is an illusory act but rather a human act as necessary as it is reasonable, is a challenge that will help us to grow in a better way, to feel that our life has a new flavor and in Ultimately to feel calmer.

Taking the step is not easy, I know. But I really believe that it is so necessary for each one of us and for those around us that it is worth it to lower the barriers and get out to know and enjoy the power of trust.

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