El poder de la empatía

The power of empathy

These are times of tension, conflicts and social distancing. Ideological polarization, socioeconomic distances and new technologies, among other factors, have driven a growing level of mental problems, social complications and a greater sense of loneliness.


In all this context, there seems to be an urgent need to meet again, putting at the center what unites us, which is always much more than what we suppose differentiates us.


Behind different positions, people seek to feel with a purpose in our lives, to give and receive experiences of affection and to be able to expand our mind, spirit and growth.


However, it seems that we have more training in mathematics than in our emotions, just as we have more conversations about what we believe our rights should be, but a less frequent search for what we can deliver.


Within this whole context, empathy re-emerges as a relevant element, as a connector with those around us, being a true “adapter” of human beings so that from affection, compassion and genuine concern for those who are by our side, we can once again weave better environments for all people, because there is no “us” and “the others”.


In this world we are all in the same boat, although we insist on wanting to stupidly divide ourselves.


Empathy, that wonderful quality of connecting with the other person and being able to perceive, understand and welcome the internal experience of others without judgment, opens the door to many worlds.


Just as books allow us to live many lives; empathy allows us to broaden our perspective of our own existence, through the eyes of others.


But saying “let’s be empathic” is the easy part. Understanding that we must conjugate this concept as a verb and practice it daily in our actions and decisions is something else, becoming the real challenge. I firmly believe that each human being is called to contribute to a better world and, by that, I do not mean better for himself, but better for everyone.


Get away from the win-lose look, to understand that there is a plan of action where we all win multiplied, and that is when we meet, we open up and welcome, because when I meet the other I know myself and when I open up to who I have opposite, I also open a path for him to meet.


All this, we must take it into action from the small to the big, from the everyday and the loving commitment to be better.


Personally, together with my family, we are committed to contributing a grain of sand along this line, and I invite you to walk this path together.


I invite you to meet and join www.unitedbetter.org and together we can help create more united and happier families and communities, where empathy and mutual support is a daily thing for millions of people. You dare?

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