The need to dare to create the future

No one who is in his right mind or, at least, moderately informed of the steps that our planet takes day by day, would dare to deny the form that change takes in these times.

The ways of communicating, governing, producing, learning and teaching have changed. I change what we understand by “value”, “well-being” or “happiness”, and I am sure that all this (and everything else) will continue to change over the years.

Despite this clear reality, we still continue, in many aspects of life, “playing the same key” and repeating the old recipes. It is true that some of those recipes still work, but it is also true that many people and organizations prefer to sink with the known than to create a better future by stepping into the abyss of uncertainty.

I think it is not really important what we are doing today or what we plan to do tomorrow. Whatever it is, we should be committed to learning and changing, not only with this constant wake-up call that we receive, which tells us that we must adapt in order to move forward, survive and achieve what we want (which I agree). Rather, go further, and instead of adapting so much to the current world, start building the world to come.

It does not matter if we talk about our next personal version, shaping our character or changing our body, modifying the habits that give life to our routines or modifying the view we have out of our window. Both personally and within work teams and organizations of all sizes, it becomes crucial to allocate part of our time and resources (always scarce when we are hungry for change) to dedicate ourselves decisively to the arduous task of creating what does not exist.

When I say create what does not exist, I do not mean to have to invent something truly unique and never seen before, many times it is enough to create something that others have already done, but to put ourselves at the service of our direct and daily reality, and from that perspective totally new to our life.

What do you need to learn today to create a different life, a company, a job in the coming months and years? Who do you need to interact with to make that happen better? What habits should you have to achieve that creative act with the potential to change everything for you?

The answer you find, it may be time to get down to work, or rather: head and heart to work, so that you can create the future instead of waiting intently for the next transformation that will shake you from your seat until force you to adapt again.

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