The key to your capabilities

All of us possess a great number of personal capabilities, many of which have allowed us to achieve everything we have done so far in our lives, and many others we simply have not used or are under-utilizing, and we could achieve much more and better if we put them to work with a clear purpose.

However, there is something that can help us open or close the door that gives way for our capabilities to be put on stage, and those are beliefs. Each one of us has an immense amount of beliefs about different issues of the inner and outer life we are in. It is using these beliefs that we make decisions, generate emotional states, interpret the “reality” in which we find ourselves, and so on. That is to say, it is from the beliefs that we give meaning to the life we have and we build the life that will come for us tomorrow.

One of the many effects that beliefs have on us is related to allowing our capacities to unfold or to remain withdrawn and in disuse. The vast majority of us have the capacity to run a marathon, invent a new business, travel the world, write a book or learn another language, however, some people do it and others do not, and that is due to the beliefs they have. There are those who believe they are capable of doing it, others believe they are worthy of all this, there will also be those who believe that achieving it is easy or that they have everything to achieve it, whatever the case may be, it is our beliefs, for better or for worse, what leads us to use our capabilities in the service of the goals we want to conquer.

It is for this reason that today I would like to invite you to take a moment and reflect on which beliefs are helping you to expand and use your talents, and which ones are limiting your capacity for growth, transformation and achievement.

It is not a matter of talent or personal resources, and often not a matter of opportunities. By this I do not mean that these dimensions do not play a role, because they do, but the game is won or lost first in our mind, and we do that through the beliefs that are installed in it. If you want to deploy new capabilities that will help you achieve your goals, then perhaps today is a good time to review your beliefs. Are you up for it?

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