The future in your hands

It is true that not all things depend on us, that many times what we understand as “reality” exceeds our desires and prevails, twisting our desires and generating different results.

Many times, it is these experiences and the frustrations they generate, which have led us to feel and believe that the future depends on other people, entities or factors. At times it seems that people are like leaves when the wind blows, with the hidden desire that it does not take us to the unwanted destination.

However, this is not true. One of the qualities of human beings is our creative ability. Not only can we dream new things, create expressions of art, manifest our desires in physical and metatarsal form, but we are also capable of creating our conditions, changing our abilities, shaping our character and moving towards what we really yearn for.

Obviously it is not instantaneous, that it is not enough to say “decree it”, but it requires work, mainly in the most internal and invisible dimensions of our being, but that mark the person we are and who we can become.

I personally believe that it is the best time to stop complaining, making excuses and blaming the rest, to govern our own destinies, play our cards and bet on our causes. Certainly on that path we will meet other people who are also going in that direction, and with whom we will be able to team up and share the route. But we cannot wait for something to happen that we want but for which we do not work.

It is important to claim our creative ability and use it consciously and deliberately. Is the time.

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