The first key to achieving your goals

There are many recommendations that we can learn and find about “success” formulas. For me, this has changed over the years, and will surely continue to change as I continue to accumulate experiences. At this moment, I translate success as the ability to do what fills my life with passion and satisfaction, contributing to others and enjoying with the people I love.

Now, to achieve one’s goal, regardless of the area of life in which it is found, it is essential to start by having clarity about what you want. It will not be very feasible to reach a destination that we have never really traced, so setting goals is usually the first step on that road (I say “usually” because starting by knowing ourselves could be an excellent way to recognize what is really important for each person to achieve in their life).

In the experience that I have been gaining in the last decade dedicated professionally to accompanying people, one of the things that I have found time and again, is a common factor in those people who achieve what is really important to them. This “secret” that is so obvious and essential, many times we forget it because of our limiting beliefs, comments from those around us, unconscious emotional conflicts or simply because it seems to be so “obvious” that we downplay it and leave it out of the strategies we start planning in our mind one after another.

Here’s the thing: “you only achieve what you throw yourself into doing”… and you will say “pfff, Isaiah, tell me something I don’t know”….. well, the matter is like this, it is not possible to reach a result for which we have not built the necessary causes, that is, where we are not doing the actions that will bring such result, however, most of the time we are waiting for the perfect moment, we convince ourselves that first we must do this or that thing, get this or that other, and we fill our head with explanations (which are just excuses) that explain the fact of not doing what is necessary, that is, of leaving for an indefinite moment the sowing that will bring the harvest that we say we want.

In any field of action you will never know “too much”, nor are we really prepared for challenges we have not faced before. Unless you want the same thing you already have, then you have to just jump in. How did you learn to speak…by speaking, so it was with every challenge. It was by doing what was necessary that we learned, improved and advanced until we achieved the goals we had in mind.

So now you know, instead of looking for pitiful explanations, blaming the rest, the context, the conditions, the abilities, opportunities, genetic conditions or any other “conditioning” you are putting in front of you, the only thing you have to do to achieve what you want is to go for it. As a coaching client once told me “nobody gets out of what they don’t get into”, and that phrase, which I never forgot, comes back to me today so we don’t forget that we are just one decision (and action) away from achieving what we want, we just have to start doing it now.

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