Take the learning and just that …

When things end, whether they are work relationships, societal, friendships or as a couple, it is an opportunity to draw lessons, obtain new learnings and make that balance of what we can get for our growth. What we would like to repeat in the future or rightly not to do or tolerate again. This learning is not immediate and if we did it that way, with that self-assurance of declaring that “we have turned the page” from one day to the next, then we are wasting the enormous learning potential that each experience contains for our benefit. Lessons take time and we can always revisit them in our minds to get new insights and useful lessons for our personal growth.

I think that an important part of living is learning from these experiences, in order to get to know each other better, recognize our next growth challenges and also be able to make our life something that makes more sense and feels better.

However, many times there are those who make the wrong way to finish a stage or a story and instead of taking the learnings, they believe that the “gain” of that relationship is to take something more evident and at the same time more superficial (although they do not realize which is so). In this way, there are those who believe that the best they can do is take things, projects, the team, friends, other people’s information or anything else. Those who act like this go astray in many ways.

In the first place, believing that they take the valuable, in reality they take the perishable and easily replaceable. Not being able to see experiences as rich sources of learning, with a multiplier potential for the future, they think that what is tangible is what is truly substantial. It is these people who by eating the cow end up without milk or animals.

As a second mistake, there is the fact that life takes many turns and that we have left in a way in which it will be difficult for a bond of trust or an intention of mutual growth to grow again, closing doors instead of opening new horizons that are useful for the future too.

Finally, I believe it is essential to understand that when something ends, one takes what belongs to him, and nothing is more ours and our own than what we learn, what we treasure inside us and the way in which we can use each experience as sustenance for a next evolution. personal. As for the rest, let them take everything, because believing that they are doing “the business of the century”, in reality they are only taking what is in the way of our paths to make room for us to continue growing, each time with more strength and vigor, such as Who knows how to prune the tree in a fair way and on a good date, so that the following season the fruits abound and our walk has the shade that protects us.

So remember, every time something closes, go lightly packed and make sure you don’t bring anything that isn’t really yours, so that the roads open up when hearing your name and life is prosperous and peaceful.

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