Stay away from fear

Every day I check my different social networks and I see how every day more and more instances arise where people talk, share content and also invite people to hire their services. I think this is fantastic, the more open and democratic the access to what everyone needs or is looking for, the better for everyone.

However, I have been struck by where these people put their focus when sharing, recommending or selling. To make it clearer, I will give two examples that I have seen this very day.

In the morning, while I was checking my instagram account I saw an advertisement of a group that is teaching how to set up an e-commerce to be able to raise a fully digital business. They were very insistent on mentioning the huge opportunity that was in the current context, and how to take advantage of this moment to innovate, generate a new company or boost a current business. It seemed to me that they managed to communicate their offer with clarity, a look of opportunity about the context and without that hilarious enthusiasm that some people use and that gives more sense of charlatans than professional people. They did not, they looked serious and strongly conveyed a positive idea.

Just a few minutes ago (a few hours after the above), I see a psychologist who starts her speech in social networks pointing out that “we all know that it is a difficult, complicated, problematic time” and so went on with a long list of adjectives, added to a face and tone that after 10 seconds (literally) made me think that the world would end soon, and then continue offering psychological care, and I felt, in a very personal way, that she was like a person who makes the rest sick to then sell “the cure”.

This situation led me to write this post to share my impression of how people illuminate places that so often do not serve us, or directly that with the desire to “help”, often end up being sounding boards of a look full of limitations that speak more of their own internal state than of an “objective reality”. It is true that we are facing changes and we are challenged to adapt and respond to a new context, but from there to “shouting” on social networks that everything is going wrong seems sad and, in a way, irresponsible.

Each of us can freely choose how we want to read and live each experience and context, some of them will help us in a better way to our tranquility and well-being. It is true that fear mobilizes action, but selling from fear? seems to me humanly low (mind you, I am not judging the colleague and her own fears, but commercially it seems unethical to me). I think this is the time to renew ourselves, to focus on what does depend on us to learn, improve, create, evolve, solve our pending issues, take care of our forgotten tastes, take the taste of those things that 2 or 3 decades ago we could still enjoy with our loved ones and that today in the name of progress we have left behind for a life on autopilot.

To remove fear from our mind and our internal states will help us to improve our quality of life, that regardless of the context, we can choose how we want to carry it day by day, and you, what will you do?

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