Personal choices in the face of uncertainty

We know that we are in a world full of changes and new challenges. In the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic, a technological transformation never seen before, social problems, increasing unemployment, gaps in people’s abilities to adapt to these contexts, a worsening mental health situation, changes in political trends in our continent, are just some edges of a world that leaves us and our daily lives with an enormous amount of uncertainty. 

We know that the idea of having things under control is an illusion in almost all aspects, however, this does not change the fact that the greater the uncertainty, the more anxiety we begin to experience and that this opens the door to anguish and even depression. 

We can remain waiting for other people “out there” (specialists, politicians or family members) to make decisions and guide our steps, however, this takes away our power and makes us lose our abilities in a world that will not cease to be uncertain and complex. All this makes me think that it is essential that we have the ability to build personal options in the face of uncertainty; alternatives that help us to have diverse and flexible plans.

Flexibility is fundamental for adaptation and this is key to be able to achieve what we want, to promote self-care and to be able to navigate in this context and in those to come, however, there is no flexibility if we do not have the “space” to be able to move.

But how do we build these personal options in the face of uncertainty? Before looking at some ideas on how to generate these alternatives, I think it is essential to think about what we want to achieve or preserve in our lives, areas such as health, family, material resources, leisure or ability to learn and nurture our intellectual and emotional concerns, I think they are key to think of a life that has meaning and levels of personal satisfaction that make our passage through this world something we want to experience. In this sense we need to incorporate knowledge and skills to stay competent in our areas of development, look at the world of technology, innovation and value creation help us to better opt for a personal and professional development with more options in today’s world. Understanding that we come from a place but we are not anchored to it also helps us to raise our eyes to look for and even move to places where we can be better and get the quality of life we want and in the world there are many places that can surely provide you with those projects you have. Establishing contact and support networks beyond your area of work and geography also helps you to be in better conditions to generate new personal options in the face of uncertainty and thus have the real alternative to build different paths. 

If we are in a world that changes and leaves so much uncertainty on our table, then, it seems to me, we must take up the challenge to become more flexible in the broadest sense. New languages, new places, new friends and networks, new personal and professional skills, new economic income, etc., all in order to have a real chance to choose and not end up eating instability or waiting for others to create that world where we and ours do not know if we will have the space we long for and deserve. 

And you, what are you going to do?

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