Looking to the future

One of the things we human beings have is our ability to create new worlds, to imagine that which does not yet exist and then turn it into something real and tangible. It is this reflective, creative capacity; it is this miraculous gear that can form ideas and guide our behavior until we see them reflected beyond our dreams and even change the lives of those around us. 

There is no doubt that we have been able to change the world as a species, that we have found ways to realize almost everything that before seemed only utopia. Of course, this creative capacity has not always brought the best results, just look at the ecological damage, global warming, political tyrannies, wars and bloodshed. 

All this makes it necessary, in my opinion, not only to use our creative capacity, but to have a look towards the future that helps to guide this capacity, both to create that which will bring benefits, both personally and collectively; as well as to build a life project that makes sense to us and respects the individuality that each one of us possesses, without harming others in order to achieve it.

I personally believe that, regardless of the context, it is important that we have options on our horizon. Nothing robs more personal autonomy than not having alternatives to choose and act. 

Now, let’s look at the world today, the level of uncertainty, change, the pandemic, battered economies, a populist wave at the political and social level in much of the world, post-truth, the strong transformation of the way we live and work, and so on. When we look up we surely see opportunities but also risks, as everything in life, which has its pros and cons. In this context I wonder if you are looking to the future and putting on the table the options, scenarios and how they can open new horizons that may change our course but help us to ensure what I am convinced most people want: to grow, develop and share in peace with those we love the most. 

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