Listening to our inner voice

One of the qualities that has always stood out in our human species is the ability to be rational. This is undoubtedly fantastic because it allows us to build an abstract thinking that helps us to dream in new worlds, be creative and invent so many things that change our lives and the reality in which we are in every day.
The ability to listen to our inner voice is a big difference between those who go through life without a compass, and those who have an inner voice that guides them, helps them and shows them the way, even when we don’t know what ground we are treading on.

We are so used to having the answers. From an early age we are rewarded for knowing the “right” answers but we are not invited to develop our talent to discover the unknown, to listen to what happens to us, what we feel, what is suddenly pronounced as an inner voice, as a bodily sensation or a non-specific internal state. How many times do we make decisions that we feel should be different, but we go ahead anyway? Knowing how to hear ourselves internally is fundamental for our calibration and access to the inner wisdom that dwells in each of us.
A few days ago I was watching the movie Toy Story 4 with my son and a group of friends, and I was delighted to see how in the story Buzz Lightyear, feeling lost, looked to his inner voice for the answers that helped him make the right decisions. That’s how he knew what he had to do, even when it meant having to stop insisting and withdraw from what he was determined to do.
Knowing how to listen to ourselves internally and use that voice as a guide to make decisions that make more sense to us, so that our “intuition” or even the voice of God can guide us along the way, is what makes us more human, because today we are too disconnected from this voice that we carry inside and that is there to help us, show us and guide us when reason or the environment ends up confusing our true north.
For this reason and many more, it is essential to begin to listen to our inner voice, to learn to discern in order to move forward with a more confident step in the life that is waiting for us.

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