Life is the fruit of our decisions

Some people consider that life is “what touched us”, something like a destiny totally marked by our context and circumstances. I do not deny that the environment in which one lives and develops has an impact on us, I just believe that the evidence that we can find in the lives of millions of people is much greater, which shows that ultimately life is the fruit of our decisions .

Many of these decisions are unconscious, we react from our emotions and take actions that are truly irrational, at least from the perspective of the results they bring us.

If we do not work on getting to know each other more and better, on increasing our capacities that make us more autonomous and lucid to make better decisions, then we may be building fruits that we really did not want.

But is life the fruit of our decisions only? I think that to answer that question we have to understand that our decisions involve a series of processes within us, such as thoughts (and our perceptual focus), our emotions. (and that most basic energy that mobilizes us), and behavior (the concrete expressions of our decisions). It will finally be what we do with these three elements: thought, emotions and behaviors, which will mark the results that we will obtain in the most diverse aspects of our life.

Perhaps we should do the maturation exercise and stop blaming the rest so much, invent scapegoats, have a minimalist vision of the world and its processes or directly look in the mirror and assume that a large part of our successes and mistakes are the result of the decisions we make. , which surely at the time seemed to us enlightened ideas, but with the perspective that time grants us, it allows us to evaluate them with greater justice.

This situation, I believe, gives us an enormous framework of autonomy and capacity, since if it is our decisions that significantly mark the fruits of our life, then it is time to make better, more thoughtful, better advised decisions and open ourselves to learning. what we knew before, to get the shot right this time.

If we do this, perhaps then we can sit back and think: What will be the next big decision I will make?

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