Life is not divided

Although we may not be aware or realize it, we have all been raised in a world full of divisions, which we learn from a very young age and many of them do not accompany our whole life. We are taught the division of mind and body, of good and bad (increasingly relativized), we are told about how we should live in order to enjoy ourselves, about the importance of prosperity or the canons of beauty sold to us by advertising, teaching us about “pretty” and “ugly”, as well as what is desirable and what should be despised.

Likewise, we are learning that daily life is one thing and our spiritual dimension is quite another. If you talk about the spiritual at work, it can be considered nowadays as an abhorrent proselytism, although many other ideological propagandas are well seen and promoted in every corner. We have the spaces for public and private life, increasingly blurred thanks to the great exposure and use of social networks.
Your problems are of a very different dimension than your achievements. Your political opinion should not be mixed with other spaces of social, or even personal, interaction, as if politics had nothing to do with our conception of who we are, what we want to be and how best to develop as individuals and also as communities. Division has been part of the way we are taught in schools, the way we learn at home, and how we evaluate our own lives and those of others.
This has brought serious problems, as we end up living divided with ourselves, failing to integrate in a coherent way what we believe, feel and do in our lives. The lack of alignment of these three dimensions generates an inner noise that we often do not know how to explain and therefore we see how mental health pathologies increase due to a fragmented life in a society that has forgotten our most basic needs to focus on what is presented to us as central.
Thus, we have made a dissection between our daily life and spirituality, I understand that this is something of the private world that we only do when we go to a temple, which is shared at home with our family, but should not go out to those spaces such as work, social life, moments in community. This is a big mistake. I am not talking about religiosity, but about spirituality, that is, our ability to connect with something bigger than ourselves that helps us to make sense, a frame of reference that gives us support, greater security and guidance to our life. Finally, what is life without a meaning greater than ourselves, perhaps only vanity, which is what we see today in every corner where we look.
We must stop dividing ourselves to go down the path of integrating ourselves and go through life as an individual, that is, as someone who cannot be divided, who goes with our beliefs, emotions, spirituality, stories, desires and behavior through all the spaces in which we are part, to feel more fulfilled and to spread meaning and fullness to others.
It is essential that we take spirituality with us to every corner, in every moment of our day, because we are not only cognition and emotion, but we are also spirit.

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