Laugh or cry?

I love the understanding of the human being, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, neurosciences, history and everything that helps us to know more about how complex we are in this species, why we do what we do and how to be better every day, especially in what really makes the difference: our ability to be human with a high ethical and moral quality in the relationship with oneself and others.

In a decade working as a coach I have had the fortune to meet thousands of people and accompany hundreds of them in their processes. I have been able to see first hand the greatness and the lowliness of the human, the dreams and the despair, the emptiness and the fullness. I am passionate about this possibility of learning from the experiences of others and being able to integrate them with my own personal experiences. No matter how many things I see, I am still impressed by our human capacity for creation, which well channeled saves people’s lives, transforms places, creates the future and modifies the way we live. However, I am also impressed by the stupidity, the spiritual blindness, the low values, the misery of the mind and heart of many other people.
How can these two opposite sides coexist in people? I have said a million times in different places that I am convinced that people are not stupid, but that we process badly. It impresses me how there are those who, having data in their own lives, keep repeating ideas, behaviors and decisions worthy of irrational animals. People who boast about a haircut, an outfit, a photo full of filters, who put more lies in their mouths than falsehoods in their hearts, people who do wrong even knowing their mistake, people who break all the limits of human coexistence and are unable to correct the course; who justify stealing, lying, adultery, swindling; who sell supposed personal height while they stand on their toes leaning on the garbage of their stories, which they seek to cover up with a little more make-up.
I am tired of so much posturing, so much self-deception that from so much repetition we end up believing in the most insane fantasies, when the thing is simpler, more measured, more genuine, without lights or applause, without position or appearance. It is so easy but we like to complicate everything. This story is about loving, about being loved, about being able to embrace the most important people hopefully every day, about being able to sleep peacefully and wake up with faith, never worrying if we are enough for something or someone because we have already been enough for us and for God. To be able to laugh willingly, that every action we do contributes to someone’s life. May the essential never have a price tag and may people never become merchandise for miserable interests. This is about feeling, taking care of what the person next to us feels. If the advice that has been given for so many centuries was: love your neighbor as yourself and God with all your heart, your mind and your strength. But no, we were too brilliant to change the rules that give order to everything. We were given to believing that we could invent everything anew and do it better, and we ended up undermining our own dignity and integrity. I do not know whether to laugh or to cry, whether to judge or to forgive, whether to go far away or to stay so that I can contribute a little, not only to what we have all put together, but also to get out of me that which has remained from the friction of an environment that corrupts hearts.
I believe that we have unfinished business, failed subjects and the imperative need to correct all this right now, for our own good and the good of those who will come after us. It is not true that we can do everything or that if you believe it you believe it. Nor is it true that everything is relative or that in the name of freedoms we have an absurd right to screw anyone. It is not true that the packaging of things and people are more important than what they are made of inside, or that money and material things justify the lack of ethics and moral integrity. Forgive me for being honest in my feelings, but all this is a lie, a lie that serves many people and that allows the fool to present himself as wise, and that the empty person wants to be our guide on the path of life. A little bit of sense please.
So, do we laugh or cry? Do we go or stay? I don’t know, but I do know that this has to be changed now.

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