Humberto Maturana and an indelible life

It was not little… 92 years of life was a time that allowed Humberto Maturana to see an important part of the great events that have changed our world today during the last century and this one. Technologies, culture, the way of living have changed and he was constantly reflecting and sharing valuable contributions from science and intellectuality so that we could put the focus on life, on our humanity and the way we relate to those around us and to ourselves. 

Today, May 6, 2021, in the midst of the global pandemic of COVID-19 and at 92 years of age, the philosopher, biologist, national science prize winner and the man who coined the much praised concept of “autopoiesis” passes away, as he himself said a short time ago, as a natural part of the biological cycle. 

His contributions are many, not only those he made directly, but also all those who, based on his reflections, research and contributions, were support for other thinkers and the enrichment of different views of the human being and evolution. 

Personally, I had the pleasure of listening to him in many instances in universities and conventions, always lucid, critical but at the same time hopeful that we can make the change. 

Today on the day of his departure, my condolences to his loved ones and my gratitude for an indelible life that leaves traces, contributions and reflections that are inherited and transcend. 

Thank you for your life Humberto Maturana. 

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