How can we not be grateful?

As a good personal blog I do not only share technical topics or opinions on topics of general interest, but it is also a space to share and express more personal topics, and this post is one of them. While I was driving my car to work, thinking about the thousands of things I have on my mental desk, the rhetorical question arises: how not to be grateful? and I want to share this with you.
I was not born in a golden cradle, however, I have had a life full of opportunities to learn, grow, travel, meet, contribute and make mistakes. I have had the ability to carry out personal and work projects that have been exciting for me, of course with many stones in the way too, but full of blessings.

What has been in my heart God has given me, both the good and the bad, which has shown me both God’s faithfulness and also the fact that many times we ask for things without really knowing what we are asking for.
I remember how in 2013 I was in Jerusalem praying at length at the Temple wall to give thanks for having recovered from an advancing cancer and asking the Lord to allow me to be a father and to prosper in my projects. Well, all that happened in a great way, and although the prognosis was not good because of the chemotherapies, my son is by my side today and together we are a family that is built on love, companionship, values and friendship, both among us and with our environment.
I am grateful that the right person appeared in my ex-wife’s life, so that she would take the path that would allow me to grow spiritually, that with every act of adultery, fraud and theft, she would pave the way for my growth, humility and preparation for the blessings to come.
Sorry if this is too personal, but that is why I post it on my site and not in the newspaper, because I have no doubt that in your life you will also be able to see how the blessings of the one on high can touch your path. It is not comfortable, of course not, nor will it be a path full of laughter, but if we learn to see his signs we can then recognize the plan that He has, and that is undoubtedly much better than the one we have ourselves. How not to be grateful? if life has been good, if friends arise on the path and give comfort, strength and love. How not to be grateful? If while some steal things, one has the grace of being able to enjoy the love and purpose that illuminates each day. How can one not be grateful if we are free to leave those prisons that one created for oneself to freely follow other projects that make life more meaningful and have a noble mission that contributes to the growth of others and not to personal vanity.
My gratitude is enormous and I cannot stop thanking my parents, my brothers and sisters, my co-workers, my friends on this road, the people who work against me and give me every day an enormous blessing and the possibility to polish myself internally to be better; and without a doubt my son who not only I love him and feel his love, but he is my teacher in so many things and I see in him so many promises that God has given me.
and what are you thankful for?

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