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Isaías Sharon

I dedicate my time to create innovative solutions to make people's lives better, develop their skills and achieve incredible results. Learn more about my work and let's talk.

HPI International

We help Attract, Retain and Empower Higher Education students through technology that combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology.


We create unique professional networking environments, enabling attendees to meet the people they need to know to achieve their goals.

Smart Coach

We help executives and business owners leverage their key skills to achieve extraordinary results.


Learning and Innovation Investment Holding, headquartered in Austin, USA. Impacting hundreds of thousands of people.

What I founded

I help people improve their lives through my startups.

I believe that people have many talents that we can expand. I have chosen to empower creativity and innovation to support human growth processes. 

I do this through different Startups that I have had the pleasure of founding and leading, combining technology and learning, as fundamental axes of everything I do.

A little more about my professional profile

My professional role

By training I am an organizational psychologist, I have a master's degree in organizational development and strategic management of people, and I have a Ph.D. in education and new technologies. 

Very early I started working in various fields, I have participated in industries such as Government, Mining, Education, Consulting, Financial Services, among others. 

Since 2012 I have dedicated myself uninterruptedly to create and lead new Startups projects that combine innovation and human learning, with the purpose of contributing to the creation of a better world.

Innovación en Aprendizaje & Tecnología Educativa

My work as a teacher

Sharing is the best

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to have a role as a teacher, facilitator and coach in various contexts. I have taught in institutions in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Paraguay, working with Universities such as UNDP, USACH, UDS, UNIACC, UNAB, USP, among others. 

Also, I have taught coaching for 10 years in Smart Coach, a place that has been a beloved personal project, which has reached more than 15,000 people. 

Currently, I also teach in institutions such as TP Group, FLICH, Cormis, and several universities. 

My work as an entrepreneur

Creating value

I love to be able to dream up new solutions and bring them to the reality of people and organizations. That is why creating value through new businesses is something that takes up a large part of my time. 

Currently, I am part of the family office, Sharon & Gray Investment, where we participate in innovation companies for education, such as HPI International. We also invest in technology platforms for professional development, such as Meetify, and since 2012 we have invested in Smart Coach, to support the development of skills that have a powerful impact on results.

We have impacted hundreds of thousands of people in 32 countries, in addition to generating jobs and contributing to society in various ways. 

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