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Everything is moving forward

Times are turbulent in so many ways and forms. Perhaps it has always been like that, but the experience is different when it is our turn, when the day to day changes, when the dream of every night has a different sensation. I have no doubt that each person has his or her own process, doubts, dreams, joys, uncertainties and so many things that we human beings cultivate in our innermost self.

This week I had the opportunity to share with many different people, to listen, to ask questions, to connect with people who were in different states and I asked them: how are you, are you doing well, and the answers were of the most diverse.
Undoubtedly no one is alone in this inner journey of finding oneself, growing and being able to get out of where they are to get closer to where they want to be. It is thinking about those people that I had the opportunity to share this week and that left me reflecting for a long time that I have taken a moment to write a few words before going to sleep.
I am convinced that we are all on this path that seeks greater inner fulfillment, some have started before, others have not yet begun the journey. There are those who have sought in different ways this process, not always obtaining the result that their hearts desire. Some are entertained in the superficialities of today’s world, others are immersed in reflections at times so dense that it becomes difficult to move forward. I don’t know if there is a recipe and if there is, I don’t have it at this time, so I don’t intend to give it.
However, I do believe that it is essential to keep a couple of things in mind. The first is to understand that the path we want to travel we can do it alone or accompanied, and that it is probably better to be accompanied, but not only by other people, but also by that creative force that can do more than any of us and that can show the way even in that place where it is not even the slightest bit distinguishable. I personally believe that spirituality and the search for connection with the divine is such a necessary personal journey. A daily exercise from which no one graduates, but taking the lesson day by day can be the sustenance and the answer in the most complex moments of our emotions and thoughts.
The second thing, is that no matter what happens, how much we like what is happening or not happening, what we may feel we received or lost, we need to learn to look, to perceive, to realize that everything is on the table, that each thing has its time, that each dish has been served in the right place and that we not only have to be patient, The question is in which direction we are moving, if we are moving away or closer to what is really valuable, to what can touch our spirit to transform life, or if we are in the race that takes hundreds and hundreds of people every day straight to the emotional and spiritual precipice.
I do not think it is something easy, and I insist that I do not have the answer, however, I do have experiences of things that have served me more than others, and that is why I wanted to make this little stop and tell you that EVERYTHING IS TO ADVANCE, do not worry about winning, do not suffer for obtaining, forget the idea of being recognized or applauded, and think about moving forward. When we see the advances of humanity, when we look at the advances of nature we can even see that advancing is something different, not always comfortable, not always understood, not always valued, but every time it happens it does it in an extraordinary and supernatural way, and that is why you must take care of advancing, with fear, with sorrow, with doubts, with lacks, it doesn’t matter, take care of advancing. Look at how water behaves, no matter what, it always knows how to reach its destination, whether it is running over the earth, or looking for subway paths, sometimes going around endlessly to reach a place that seemed close, sometimes evaporating so that the heat and the wind allow it to rest in the sky, gain perspective and keep moving forward, because everything is to move forward. SO ARE YOU.
So no matter what you are in, I send you a hug, a kiss, a little encouragement because although at times it may not seem so, everything is moving forward in life and the table is served waiting for a banquet that will be truly divine for the heart.

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