¿Estudiamos nuestra vocación o solo lo que nos ofrecen?

Do we study our vocation or only what they offer us?

The theme of vocation is something that accompanies us from the beginning of our lives, indicates our tastes and also accounts for the deepest concerns we may have.

However, when it comes time to choose our higher education, a profession or trade, we must ask ourselves, do we study our vocation or only what they offer us? Surely you have also had vocational doubts, or you have felt in the wrong place or discipline.

This is normal, since the vocation is a more complex issue than what a particular professional career usually is.

The natural thing is that people feel interest, and have talents, which point in different directions, because we are not monolithic beings, on the contrary, we are a moving set of interests, desires, abilities and expectations.

This makes the decision that thousands of young people make each year when entering higher education so complex.

Given this complexity that lives within us, it would be good to separate the idea of ​​choosing a study from our vocation, in the mere sense of understanding that what we study will not be totally what we want to do with ourselves and our future, but only a part. However, the idea is that it is a coherent part with the rest of what we are and want to be.

This is fundamental, since by dedicating ourselves to something that is far from our vocation, we will feel frustration, reluctance and it will be like a real struggle, instead of a journey that makes sense with the personal journey that we want to undertake.

So, my proposal is that what we study and dedicate ourselves to work is an integral part of our vocation, but take away the pressure that it should be everything.

I can be a lawyer and enjoy my work very much and, in the afternoons, have a music band with my friends, to develop another of the passions that can be compatible.

That is, to create our vocational puzzle tailored to each one, without feeling that if one chooses one thing, another must be left behind, because it is not true.

That said, the vocation at the time of choosing our higher studies will have a lot of impact. It has been seen that those students who enter careers that are not linked to their vocational profile have a higher dropout rate, as well as present greater difficulties in their academic performance.

These situations give unfavorable feedback, because people enjoy more those things that we are good at and, on the contrary, we do not do so in those things where the result is unsatisfactory. In recent years

I have had the opportunity, together with the HPI International team, to help several universities in this challenge, supporting to date more than 200,000 students who are facing their decision to pursue higher studies, so that they can do so from their vocation.

The experience has been very interesting and rewarding, we have already seen how the average performance and the level of satisfaction and identification with what they do have increased.

We cannot continue choosing what they offer us, it is necessary to be able to choose knowing ourselves more and better and recognizing what moves us, so that motivation takes us where we can really expand our creative potential and well-being.

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