Creating your own personal path

Each person makes decisions that shape, in a planned or intuitive way, the life that we are having and the results that we will obtain. Although this sounds obvious and evident to us, the truth is that we tend to forget that there are many more things that we ignore and the “hidden” variables than those that we really know or are controlling in our own lives. This leads us to make wrong decisions or simply to have forecasts that we then have to explain in a very simple way, either attributing all the credit to a single new situation, or finding explanations that are closer to the mystical than to deep understanding of things.


In this way, we are creating our own way of life, with successes and others that seem like “failures”, with learning and other times with an absurd stubbornness that makes it difficult for us to realize and evolve internally.


Change becomes essential, as well as inevitable, if we want to make ourselves and our results something different, and this is also part of creating our own path.


In these times I see that the transformation is more of a change in the “carcass” than a transformation, and here we tend to go wrong. Just as something that sweetens is not necessarily sugar or as the old saying goes “not all that glitters is gold”, understanding the difference between what something looks like and what something is can be transformed into the great learning of life , applicable to the most diverse areas of this.


Just as changing is not the same as transforming and knowing is not the same as learning, in the same way when we think about building our own personal path, that something in us is projected or appears in a certain way, it will not be the indicator that counts. of that metamorphosis that we may be looking for.


To achieve the results we want, it is not enough to do different things, but we must think (in my opinion) in what person we should become, therefore, in those learning that we have not yet acquired or in those that we must leave behind to change our gaze , our identity even. When you do what you are, that cycle of results flows through you. When one does what it is not, said action does not have support to be maintained over time, and the firm foundation for our behaviors and results is found in our identity, in who we are.


The good thing is that our identity is not static and we can mold it in the direction that makes the most sense to us, as long as we are aware of this and commit ourselves to living that path of real transformation and not a simple change of packaging or discourse.


I firmly believe that each of us can create our own personal path as many times as one wishes, however, the path will flow better if instead of focusing on the results and the path, we look into the depths of those who we are and we work there the changes that later we want to see expressed in everything else. We have this opportunity at hand and although it may not be the path with the most “likes”, I am convinced that it is the path of greater fulfillment and sustainability.

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