We have known for a long time that change is a constant in life, society and organizations of all kinds. No matter what we do or do not do, we cannot stop change, so if we do not change ourselves, it will most likely be the environment that forces us to change or simply leaves us on the road.

I am convinced that if we look at our life history we will find many moments in which we change, consciously or forcibly. Surely many of those occasions the change was not easy, nor comfortable, perhaps even did not generate satisfaction or happiness at that precise moment, however, when we see it in perspective, most likely that change made us, helped us to be better, to grow and enhance our life plan, giving more meaning, depth and impact to who we are and what we do.
That is why I believe that getting ready to change becomes a personal decision that we must keep in mind on a daily basis, both because of the conviction that change is good for us, and because of the need to achieve our goals through constant change and transformation, without losing what must be maintained in each process of change.
One of the things that is usually a challenge in the process of transformation, innovation and change, is the definition of what will not be changed. Often the enthusiasm to change leads us to leave behind relevant things, values, people, principles that are guiding a purposeful life, and that perhaps in pursuit of achieving new goals, we leave behind as if they were less relevant, until time shows us how wrong we were. Therefore, when we say that change is good, we must also learn to discern what should not be changed, that essence that makes us unique, transcendent and brings out the best that we can have inside us to be reflected in the world around us.
Change is good, I have no doubt about that, so now in Smart Coach we also want to invite people to change, to take the challenge of empowering what will make a difference in their lives, to incorporate the knowledge and skills that will allow them to take control of what they want to be and at the same time have the ability to accompany others so they can also achieve it. Change is good for you, so I would like to invite you to do the same.

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