Change makes good

Throughout my life I have had countless changes, from changes of house, changes of social circles, changes of hobbies, changes of challenges, changes of partners, changes of attitudes, I have also changed my personal goals and my spiritual yearnings, changes have been a permanent companion in a hectic life full of trials that have not always been comfortable or pleasant, but in one way or another, have constantly contributed to be better, to grow and to be able to polish those gifts given by God and that one does not always use or explore them in the right way.

There is no doubt that change is scary, that it leaves us in a situation of uncertainty that often makes us doubt whether to really take the next step or just stay where we are, after all “we are not so bad”, we usually say to ourselves. However, change is good, even those changes that hurt, those that tear from the soul and leave us with a sense of vulnerability and fragility as we have never felt before.
Change is good, no matter if we are prepared to face that change, since everything seems to indicate that the less prepared we are, the more necessary that change becomes in our lives, since it is finally from throwing ourselves into the void that we discover what lies beyond the horizon, or better yet, that allows us to be aware of what we are made of inside, and what we have come to this world for.
No matter what you are facing, if you need to change your job, if you need to change your relationships and leave behind toxic ties in your life, if you want to change city or country, or maybe you want to change your vocation and your job. No matter what change you want to make, it is likely that this change, which is motivated by a voice inside you, is precisely the one you must listen to in order to be the way you want to be. Having the benefits of change and perceiving that we should not let fear or doubts win because change is good, it is part of the process of growth, of gaining autonomy and being able to conquer ourselves.
We should not change to show others what we are now, much less do it because others want to see something different in us. To change is an ethical and spiritual commitment with ourselves, or are you all the good you can be, or do you feel that there is nothing more that can be perfected in you? If your answer is yes, then you have a serious reality check problem and perhaps you should ask for help; if you feel the answer is no, then you should take charge of yourself and start changing right now. One step at a time, without haste, but without calm, because time does not forgive and life flies by, so there is no time to waste in fears, stupidities or stories that cut our wings.
Today I want to invite you to review your life and take action, to look inside yourself and be more aware of everything that can be polished and perfected in you, and begin to change now, I want you to be convinced that change is good, and therefore your internal commitment must be with that change that will lead you to be a better version, not in the eyes of others, but in your own eyes and especially in the eyes of God who has a much better criterion than ours to discern between good and bad.
So what are you going to change first?

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