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Welcome to Expert Apprentice, a space you can enjoy every week to continue learning.

In this case, I will share with you topics of innovation and trends for the world of education and human resources.

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I’m convinced that the only way to change is to learn, and that’s why I want us to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world.

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A New Year’s Eve Reflection – 2021

Before ending this year 2021 I wanted to be able to give myself a moment to thank and take advantage of telling you some things that 2022 will bring.

Since change is constant, this period has undergone many transformations and many more are coming, but always seeking the same purpose: to be able to contribute to the learning and transformation of people, teams and organizations.

I wish you happy holidays and a 2022 full of good things for you and yours.

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Lead the changes

We live in a world full of changes and it is important to learn to lead them effectively to guarantee our well-being and the favorable impact it will have on our environment.

In this new video I share some keys so that you can develop your ability to lead change and face the challenges of this volatile environment in an optimal way.

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section Check here more about how to lead changes, both personally and in work teams within organizations.

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Leader versus Manager – Essential Differences

Leadership seems to be a must within organizations. That taste, at times compulsive, that all people can develop leadership should make us think if we really need each collaborator within a team to be a leader.

On the other hand, managers are often presented as incomplete and insufficient when placed next to leadership, which is clearly a big mistake.

In this new episode of my video show “Let’s Talk About” I want to share with you some important distinctions and reflections between a leader and a manager, so that we can understand their implications and get the best out of each one to build high-performance teams and balanced organizations. .

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3 keys to effective leadership

Leading is something that many people want to achieve, however, the great challenge is knowing how to achieve those skills that distinguish effective leaders from those who are not.

There are different ways of looking at this, but in this new episode of my video show called “Let’s Talk About”, I want to share with you 3 keys to effective leadership that I hope can guide your continued growth.

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How to achieve inspirational leadership

Leading is a huge challenge, which begins with leading ourselves. While there are many approaches to understanding leadership and its power, one of those that makes the most sense today is what is called “Inspirational Leadership.”

This type of leadership helps us connect from emotions and individual values to mobilize and achieve extraordinary results.

This week I want to share with you this new video to tell you some ideas on how to achieve inspirational leadership in your life.

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How to promote learning

Social learning has always played an important role, although at times it is forgotten. For that reason, I find it so important to reconsider when thinking about how to promote learning in work and community settings.

The idea of the “zone of proximal development” is very interesting to understand how social learning really occurs and the enormous relevance that the group in which we interact has to make our abilities and qualities can be favorably influenced.

If you want to know more about how to promote learning, then I invite you to watch this episode of my video show called “Let’s Talk About”.