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It’s time to study Machine Learning

This is an excellent time to study Machine Learning. But, if you still don’t know what it is about or how to internalize yourself in this new technology that is changing the world, then in this episode you will be able to find out more.

Stay because I tell you where you can take a TOTALLY FREE Machine Learning course so that you are at the forefront of new learning technologies.

Also, you can live me at and find articles with more information. Welcome to “Expert Apprentice”.


Close Cycles – Podcast

In life there are cycles that open and others that close. Knowing how to use our past experiences to build our future and not to limit our abilities is something that often costs us, precisely because we do not close cycles in our lives.

In this new episode I share with you some reflections on this topic and tell you about this last chapter of my podcast “One day at a time”


Episode 74: Vulnerability or Strength?

There are those who say that we have to be strong and others who invite us to bring out that hidden vulnerability. What should we do? This is exactly what I want to share with you in this new episode of my podcast “One day at a time”.

There are interesting studies on vulnerability that help us to better understand the perception we have of this concept when it comes to ourselves and when we evaluate it in other people. Also, understanding when being vulnerable helps build trust and credibility, and in what situations it harms us.

I invite you to listen to this new episode.


Episode 73: The Contagious Behavior

Everything is contagious, not only covid-19, but also the emotions, behavior and performance that we can achieve. That is why it is so important to choose well with whom we relate, how we form teams and, in general, the relationships we have on a day-to-day basis. In this episode I want to talk to you about “contagious behavior”, which has been shown to greatly affect our attitudes and the performance we can achieve in our lives. What are you infecting and who are you infecting? Is it helping you to be who you want and achieve what you want? I invite you to listen to this new episode of my podcast “One day at a time”.

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Episode 71: Goals We Are Really Excited

In life we need to have goals, to set ourselves challenges. These give us an orientation for our life and also trigger us the much-needed motivation to give something more of ourselves and achieve what we have not yet achieved.

In these end of the year dates, and in any other, it is a good time to stop and establish those challenges that can take us to new destinations and help us improve, learn, empower ourselves and stop complaining or sitting around waiting for that “something happens”, to be protagonists of our decisions, of our own wishes that can become reality if we make it possible.

I invite you to listen to this new episode of my podcast “One day at a time”

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Episode 70: The Need to Pause

As important as taking action to achieve what we want, it is also taking time to reflect, learn and find new opportunities for growth and personal improvement. I have always been convinced and committed to action. I believe that there is nothing more powerful than committed and persistent work.

However, I have also been learning over time, the importance of rest, decant and inner rest as an opportunity to settle learning, plan the future and order that diverse and complex inner world.

In this new episode of my podcast, I invite you together to give us that necessary pause and find those moments that perhaps we need.

Episode in Spanish

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Episode 66: Learning to Measure Challenges

We have a number of projects and challenges, and that’s great. However, we have to learn to move forward “one day at a time”, with a formula that allows us to be effective and also to be able to focus on our internal needs and other things that are really important, even beyond the achievements we are pursuing. In this new episode I share with you the idea of working for “small packages” and leaving the logic of wanting to cover more than what we really manage to manage effectively. I hope it serves you and comes at a good time for your own internal challenges.