Ask… but think well before

The act of asking has enormous power. Whether you think about it from the promises made by God in the Bible, or you think about it from approaches such as “The Secret”, the power of decreeing things or the strength our mind has in creating our realities. Regardless of what you think is behind (or above) this process, the truth is that asking is an act that holds a lot of power.

What is that power, quite simply, the power to bring about the fulfillment of what you are asking for. That is why I wanted to title this new reflection as “Ask? but think well before”, because many times we are really unconscious of what we are asking for, because we have not evaluated the impact, the responsibility and the total consequences of receiving what we want.
In a historical and social moment where everything has become asking and asking for more rights and benefits, without increasing our active responsibilities and taking charge of the costs of what we want in our life, it has also become more difficult for us to understand the price of what we want to receive, because if something is true, is that nothing is free, and with this I am not talking about an economic or material cost, but in the broadest sense, such as time, dedication, the things you have to give up to receive in a good way what you want.
This is like people who want to leave the place where they work, and suddenly for whatever reason they leave or are disengaged and complain about it, when in fact it was what they asked for. I remember a couple of years ago I had a van and I had been thinking for a couple of months about changing it for another type of vehicle with more comfort. One day, during a work trip, my truck was stolen. Obviously it was not pleasant, but it was a way to get what I wanted. So, with the insurance money and contributing a little more I bought the car with the features I was asking for in my mind.
For this reason we should be more conscious when we ask, because our desires may be fulfilled. Many times we ask to change our relationships, change friends or partners, change jobs, receive more money, have opportunities to travel the world, meet new people, etc, etc, etc, etc, and all of this comes walking through the door or slips through the window. Sometimes it happens the way we would not want it to, but we have also not been very clear or proactive in making our requests. This is just like the genie in the lamp, if we are not specific in our wishes, we could end up getting just what we didn’t want.
The good news is that “ask and it shall be given”, and the second good news is that when it is given you have the opportunity not only to be grateful, to share and to impact the lives of those around you, but also to prepare yourself and grow as a person to live up to what you have asked for. It will not always be easy, it will require you to make an effort and be brave, but if what you have asked for has really nestled in your heart I have no doubt that you will receive it. Try not to complain so much once you have it in your hands, because it will not be free, but if your desires are inspired by correct and kind principles, it will surely be to edify your life even more.
So you know, ask… but think well before.

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