A world without promises

In ancient times people had a concept of nobility that has been lost with the passing of time. It was enough to shake hands, look each other in the eyes and give the word to know that we had an agreement and that it would be fulfilled, but those times are long gone. What is the need to legalize everything and judicialize everything, it is simple, because people do not fulfill their agreements, not even with signed documents.

In a world where everything has become relative and promises are no longer worth anything, then the question arises: what does have value? Trust between people is built, in large part, by keeping our word. If I tell you I will come and I don’t, then you have no reason to believe in me. If I only give speeches of good will without action then I am a liar, isn’t that what we always ask politicians to do, to say things that don’t happen.
That is why it is so important to commit ourselves to become trustworthy people again, to go against the current of a world where everything is relative and where it is often seen as good to erase with our elbow what we have just written with our hand, all in the name of freedom. It is true, we can change our minds with total freedom, but we also make commitments and promise things with the same freedom, so we must learn to be prudent in what we commit ourselves to, to ensure that we will comply, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes us better people with ourselves. Not only do we become more reliable in the eyes of others, but we also tell ourselves, at an unconscious level, that we are coherent and consistent people, that although we all have many things to improve, being reliable is essential and an excellent floor on which to build.
It is essential that we build again a life, a society and a world where the word of each person is again enough to reach agreements, to build relationships, for work, for politics and social life in general. In which we do not need more credentials than a hand that is shaken with trust, because we know that in each word the dignity and nobility of the human is at stake, and that no one would really be willing to break such a great commitment with oneself and with others.
To believe again in people and institutions is within the reach of each one of us, however, we must change. It will be vital to transform our way of operating, to stop being petty, of lies, half-truths, or words for the gallery to applaud or wanting to leave others satisfied, when deep down we know that it is just another falsehood and then we can blame it on anything to not even recognize the fraud we have committed by promising what will never happen.
I want to express myself clearly, it is not only a matter of compliance and responsibility, but a matter of self-respect, of love for oneself and others, of exalting our human essence through the correct use of the freedom we have. With it we can promise in freedom and fulfill in freedom. By doing both things with free will, then we are demonstrating that we can be above convenience, vanity and stupidity, that is, that with it we can be more human and better humans with each promise made and fulfilled.

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