A problem of perspective

I am convinced that each one of us has had the experience of facing an ungrateful, sad, painful and often unjust situation. Perhaps we have been angry, perhaps we have ranting all over the place about what we have felt as a wound, as a difficulty that might as well have touched our neighbor, but that came to our door.

Personally, I have faced several situations such as an advanced cancer, the failure of a company, the swindle and infidelity of my own wife, the lies of those people in whom we trusted blindly. Disappointments are part of life, and I have no doubt that one has also been part of those disappointments from other people, willingly or unwillingly.
One of the things I have reflected on at length has to do with how each of us evaluates the experiences we have in life, whether as positive or negative experiences, learning or even personal destruction. However, as time goes by we realize that every experience and situation contributed to great things. Maybe at the time we suffered and complained, maybe we got angry and thought everything was going wrong, but if we had more perspective we could realize that every single thing helped us to enhance who we are, to build new horizons and take us to places that even before we did not even have in mind.
People lack perspective, that’s why our way of making the most of our experiences is not a matter of the circumstances or the experiences we have, but a problem of perspective. If we look at our past we will surely find difficult moments that were fundamental to be in our current situation, to achieve what we have achieved and to have learned everything we know so far.
So no matter what you are going through today, if you consider it bad or good, the opinion you have of that experience is something of the moment, that is why we must make the effort to take distance, see it from above, find that angle that helps us to understand how this connects with what will come later, how what you are living will be valuable to face new challenges, to grow as a person and achieve new goals.
For all this, be grateful, breathe and look for that perspective that will help you take life with more wisdom and find the point that will add value to the future you want to build in your life.

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