A life that can be lived

Being able to have one more day of life is a real privilege that we tend not to value or put in the right measure to help us enjoy it or take care of it properly. Human beings are more focused on what is missing than on what we have, until what seems obvious in our days is threatened or lost. Let’s imagine how the fact of being able to go out freely to the street, meet with our friends, share with our work colleagues or meet with our family on Sundays, today, in the context of pandemics and quarantines around the world, has become a luxury that we long for and want to enjoy again, enjoying with a new dedication those moments that today seem a real luxury.

Thus, we can easily realize that it is not enough to live, but that each one of us wants a life that we feel happy to enjoy and that is where the challenge of building an internal and external state that allows us to experience those emotions and thoughts that we desire internally comes.

A life that can be lived is more in our hands than many people think, especially in the midst of this context, thousands and thousands of people have fallen into the feeling of helplessness, suffering states of great stress, uncertainty and anguish. It is true… things happen in our environment that we do not control and that affect different dimensions of our life, but if we do not take the wheel of it and begin to drive it with real autonomy and decision, it will be very complex to get out of the current state to conquer what you want. Now … let’s be honest, building the life you want has a cost and, perhaps, it is not really “cheap” to obtain. It will require determination, conviction, perseverance in your daily actions. There will be days when you will want to continue as you are, at other times the people around you will criticize you, you will feel that this decision to build the life you have in a way that fills you with meaning and gratification, becomes a lonely road, which also means leaving things and people behind … well, it is most likely, or did you think that people who conquer the life they wanted were given everything on a platter? no, not at all.

So the question is not whether or not you can build the life you want, the question really is whether you have the willingness and commitment to do what is necessary to achieve it. You will have to cultivate your mind differently, leaving many of your beliefs in the past to incorporate new mental software. You will have to abandon your habits, many of which are comfortable but leave you anchored in the same place as always, and the same place where it is full of people who have conformed, given up or are simply unwilling to make with themselves that shining image of the potential that each one of us has within, because it is easier to say than to do, to declare than to build, to complain than to create.

So the life you want to enjoy is there, within your reach, but it requires from you an iron decision that is reflected in daily actions. Improving 1% per day, constantly, without hurry and without calm, because just like Alice’s rabbit, if we do not move fast we will be late to that extraordinary date of being able to enjoy the life we long for in our heart.

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