3 pillars of personal excellence

Being better people is one of the list of things that do depend on each one of us and that we can take charge of and implement in our daily lives. Becoming more effective, responsible, skillful and integral, just to mention a few things, are in our hands and are the way to build personal excellence to build the life we really want and deserve to have.

Many times we have become accustomed to explaining our life and the results we obtain by finding causality in how the external makes, or fails to make, us achieve those results that we can enjoy on a daily basis, regardless of whether we consider those results to be favorable or unfavorable.

This is why it seems essential to me to be able to work on what we could call “personal excellence”, that is, to be better and better people, more capable and autonomous, more integral and contributive, thus achieving the results we seek, living in a more satisfactory way, with purpose and inner meaning.

To achieve this I want to propose 3 pillars of personal excellence that I believe will help you to advance, day by day, on a path of personal development.

The first is to work on self-management, that is, the capacity you have to carry out a series of actions, both internal (thought-emotion) and external (behaviors). Self-management will help us to put focus on our mind, use our emotions in the channel of what will allow us to achieve what we want, know how to prioritize our tasks and thus be able to manage our personal resources, i.e. talents, knowledge, opportunities and, mainly, our time, which is the critical resource to build what you really want in your life, since anything will require time and this is a non-renewable resource.

A second element to work on within ourselves is related to self-efficacy, that is, the ability to achieve results consistently over time, regulating our strategies and capabilities with a focus on personal advancement and progression. Change, we know, is something that happens and will continue to happen, both within ourselves and in the environment in which we find ourselves. It is for this reason that we should not worry so much about change, but rather about achieving results and our own advancement, which is something that depends on us. Things will change whether you want them to or not, but you will advance towards your goals only if you are able to generate a consistent strategy of thought and action that will help you achieve self-efficacy.

Finally, I propose to work on self-responsibility, that is, the ability to apply a meta-analysis process (a meta-thinking process), which allows us to be aware and responsible for the impact of our actions, decisions and results we obtain, both with ourselves and with our environment. This is fundamental, because being aware of this dimension not only helps us to take charge of what does correspond to us and depends on ourselves, but also provides us with valuable feedback to continue on the path of continuous improvement. It is full of cases of people who believe they are doing everything right, while their externalities (impact of their actions) are really questionable, if the person develops the competence of self-responsibility not only can realize it and take it to optimize their structure of thought, emotion and action, but also, can take charge of those impacts that cause to address and resolve them in an integral and consistent way.

In this way, I want to invite you to stop looking outside to find the cause of our results, whether we call it luck or blame everyone else for how undeveloped we are at the moment, in any of the areas of our life. I want to invite you to take control of the only thing that does depend on you, and that is the daily decision of how you use what you have, how you achieve what is really important and motivating for you, and the way in which you take responsibility for the impact you generate in this world, taking advantage of the time we have, which not only goes every moment, but we do not even know how much of this vital resource we really have to achieve our dreams.

Do you dare to work for your personal excellence?

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