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Students from the Administration Area and the Logistics Area of INACAP La Granja Headquarters participate in a Workshop on Emotional Intelligence

La Granja, June 2022.- On Wednesday, June 15, at the INACAP Auditorium, La Granja Headquarters, the workshop “Emotional intelligence, the key to work and personal success” was held by the Organizational Psychologist, Isaías Sharon, where it was addressed how emotions work and how this helps the development of people.

The workshop was given by the Organizational Psychologist, Master in Organizational Development and Strategic People Management, Ph.D in Education and new technologies, International Master Coach, author of books and entrepreneur in more than 30 countries, Isaías Sharon, who gave an entertaining and dynamic activity, which was developed with students of the careers of the Administration Area and the Logistics Area, evening session.

This activity focused on supporting students in the multiple challenges they face every day, providing them with tools that will help them learn and develop key knowledge and strategies to continue improving. Such as self-knowledge, interpersonal relationships, leadership and motivation to achieve goals, skills that are increasingly important for today’s world.

For this reason, the Career Director of the Administration and Logistics Area of ​​Sede La Granja, Viviana Osorio, commented that “Emotional Intelligence is a fundamental competence in our personal and professional development, given that it is the ability to recognize our own feelings and that of others. Therefore, adequately expressing emotions allows us to experience empathy and trust in relationships with friends, family and collaborators, then, being able to be aware of our emotions, will allow us to work on this energy and channel it in our favor, allowing it to be the key to success. personal and professional success.

At the end of the talk, Sharon added: “I am happy to be able to add a grain of sand, that this contributes. It is important to be in contexts where sometimes people need more access and I think that is an important part of what INACAP does. I spent a large part of my adolescence and my university stage in the community of La Pintana, so I am happy to return and contribute in some way. The activity had several merits, since it is a difficult time, it was a long workshop and the students stayed until the end. I am very grateful for the participation, I hope that they have been left with some seed that flourishes and that is useful to them. It’s been a nice group, so I’m loving this experience”.

The activity ended with a round of collaborative questions between the speaker and the audience present, where the participation of several students stood out, including Nicole Retamal, student of the General Accounting career at Sede La Granja, who said: “ I think this instance was quite good, a dynamic exhibition and clearly a great help for our objectives, it kept us very motivated”.

Likewise, the Mathematics and Basic Sciences Teacher at INACAP La Granja Campus, Claudio Ponce, commented: “I found the talk super interesting, they are not things that are normally talked about. I think that emotions are treated as if they were a delicate aspect or we avoid talking about it, so it seems to me that there should be more instances of this type, since the students were very attentive”.


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