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A new birthday

Time is running and does not stop. So, a new April 29th has arrived and with it another year of life on my account. Today is a very special day for me. It is already 35 years and, as it usually happens, each year has a particular flavor, some more memorable than others, but each year with a special touch.
This 2020 will clearly be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic, all the time we spent in quarantine, the moments of sharing with family, creating, innovating, rethinking projects and opening new ones. For me it has been an extraordinary year… full of changes in habits, new personal challenges, an exquisite time of sharing and continuing to cultivate the day to day with my beautiful son.


Of course, it has been a time with some things that challenge, test or downright hurt. However, this time has me passionate, positive, connected, creative. Personally, I feel at my best, and for that reason, although I am not very festive or a friend of so many parties, this year I decided to celebrate in a very different way and I focused for 3 weeks to develop new spaces to share, connect and, in a way, collaborate in the development of other people.
Therefore, this April 29th will be a live event with exhibitors from different countries, in addition to opening my new site and a series of surprises that in a few hours will cease to be, so that more people can know them and, hopefully, take advantage of them usefully in their challenges. Finally, that’s what life is all about, sharing, creating, collaborating, loving and not making decisions with a calculator in hand, but more connected to our passion and deepest and most intimate mission.
I want to thank you for reading today’s post. Thank you for being on the other side, participating, commenting, sharing, taking your time. There are thousands of people through different social networks that every day see my content, comment, write, invite me to participate in new instances or open opportunities for my own personal and professional growth.
I could not end this blog entry without sending a kiss and a giant hug to my family, my son, parents, siblings and many others. Also, my friends who have been there for so many moments, especially those that were a real journey through the desert, but today I am already enjoying the land of milk and honey (nothing is forever), and above all thank G-d for giving me the opportunity to enjoy life, the world, its gifts and blessings, and for arranging it again and again to remind me that He is there in a very real way and that no matter the direction of my steps He is always there, either to open the way, or to show me that I am going down the wrong path.
My deepest thanks on this special day. I send you a big hug and thank you for being there and that we can interact, relate and build. As I often say in Smart Coach training programs: “finally, in the encounter of the human, the divine emerges”.


Valencia, España


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